Kansas State 14, Texas 7 (3:05 remaining, 2nd quarter)

Jevan Snead would like to know if he can transfer back to UT. Time to bust out the “FaceOff” identity change kit, I suspect.

(update: Kansas State 24, Texas 14, halftime. Colt McCoy left the game after tossing his 2nd INT in 3 possessions. I’d dig out the old gag about x-rays of his skull revealing nothing, but if every Longhorn receiver had the ability to catch a ball in traffic like Quan Crosby, McCoy would look a lot smarter. Of course, there’s a world of difference between giving Crosby a shot at leaping over defenders and chucking a pass directly into coverage.  As it stands, McCoy’s protection today has been as questionable as some of his decisions, but I’d still say the sophmore is running neck and neck with Jose Reyes for regression-of-the-month. More on this one later, I’m not used to typing in a monsoon.)

(update dos : Kansas State 41, Texas 21. I suppose it would be considered good news that McCoy returned in the 2nd half, but his 4 INT’s on the day have directly led to 20 Wildcats points. In addition, Texas’ special teams allowed a 2nd quarter 85 yard kick return TD to James Johnson, followed by an 89 yard punt return TD by Jordy Nelson.)

(kind of related update : Colorado 27, Oklahoma 24. Even Willie Randolph can’t believe the Sooners blew a 24-7 halftime lead. It isn’t even October and we can already rule out a National Champion emerging from the Big 12).