Which recently suspended member of the Denver Nuggets do you think coach George Karl is referring to in this item from the Denver Post’s Jim Armstrong?

“Guaranteed contracts. That’s the biggest difference, I guarantee you. What’s the word where they think they deserve it? Entitlement? They negotiate minutes before they perform and I’m like, ‘Your performance does most of the negotiating.’ That’s the way you should be as a competitor, but there seems to be more of that entitlement mentality. It’s like, ‘No matter how I play, I deserve to be out there.”

(back in the days when men had to earn their pay, etc.)

That was one heck of a guaranteed contract Herb Kohl gave Karl, come to think of it.

In yet another leak, Clippers GM Elgin Baylor is about to be named the NBA Executive Of The Year. Presumably, Billy Kupchak and Anucha Browne Sanders were not amongst the voters.

The Clippers will attempt to take a 3-0 lead in Western Conference playoffs against the Nuggets later tonight. The best thing about the series moving to Denver (and probably not returning to L.A.) is that the chances of further Jim Gray/Billy Crystal chats are greatly reduced. On the other hand, an Al-Queada strike at the Staples Center might take out Bill Simmons, so here’s hoping Carmelo and Marcus Camby have a big night