While admitting both LA clubs and Phoenix might be more attractive destinations for Kevin Garnett, the San Jose Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami declares Golden State a legit contender for KG’s services based on what the Warriors can offer.

I always have been told that Garnett would very much like to be a Warrior, a feeling that heated up after the acquisition of Baron Davis (KG really wants to play with a great point guard) and probably went torch-inferno during/after the Warriors™ Nellie-ball escapades in the playoffs.

By the way, I think it™s understood that Chris Mullin has been intrigued by Garnett for years and years, and that Don Nelson couldn™t find a better fit for his system than Garnett.

The Warriors need a unique power forward to match up with Boozer/Duncan/Stoudemire. Garnett is a power forward who can play fast, actually is better playing fast, yet also makes Boozer/Duncan/Stoudemire queasy when they have to play him.

The Businessman Of The Week Award goes out to Jazz owner Larry Miller, who yet again, has done wonders for AK-47’s plumeting trade value. Miller says of his enigmatic PF, “he just needs to grow up,” yet suggests that such public trashing will cause “vultures to start circling and people will start bargain hunting.”