(Moore : doing the best he can — under no pressure whatsoever)

“Ask yourself: if you, in your own profession, made a mistake equivalent to trading for Yuniesky Betancourt, would you expect to be fired, or given five years of lucrative job security?” I think even Isiah Thomas and J.P. Ricciardi would answer “be fired” to a question posed by The Hardball Times’ Craig Calcaterra, reacting to today’s news that Kansas City will extend General Manager Dayton Moore’s contract for another 4 yearsRoyals Review’s KCDC1 — presumably used to living with low expecations, prefers not to protest David Glass’ vote of confidence, confessing, “I’m okay rooting for .500 seasons.”

I like his focus on building the farm system, and while this strategy has yet to bear fruit, it’s still early, and I think over time, the focus will inevitably pay dividends. His acquisitions at the Major League level have left something to be desired, obviously. All in all, there are better GM’s, and there are worse GM’s. It’d be nice if Kansas City would have one of the best, but I’m a fan, and I try not to let myself get too frustrated with the whole process.