In all honesty, I’m a big fan of David Brown’s “Answer Man” interviews for Yahoo Sports, so much so that I cannot wait for him to quiz Jeff Kent. Preferably, face to face.

Q: When George Brett comes down to the clubhouse, do the rookies throw rose pedals at his feet?

Zack Greinke: Nah. It’s just kind of a normal thing now when he comes down. At least for me. At first, it was kind of neat ” even though I stayed at his house my first year. He has a presence about him, even if you didn’t know who he was, so it’s always neat to see him, but now I just continue to do the regular stuff I was doing before.

Q: You were a boarder of George Brett’s?

ZG: Yeah, I was like 20. I was mainly just saving money [laughs], which I probably didn’t need to do, but it was nice to have the extra $1,000 a month, or whatever. That was probably the best part about it.

Q: Did you have any chores?

ZG: No, I never really saw the rest of the family much. I stayed in an extra room. They had kids at school.

Q: You were once called “the future of pitching.” Tell me, are we going to have flying cars in the future?

ZG: Yeah, we are.

Q: When?

ZG: Probably not too far away. About 10 years. That’s my guess.

Q: OK! I can hold out for 10 years.

ZG: Actually, probably longer than that.

Q: But, you said…

ZG: There definitely will be flying cars, but whether there’ll be flying cars for most people to use, it’ll probably take a long time to straighten everything out, all the rules and hassles. It’ll take a while to figure out how to keep people from crashing into each other.