Regular CSTB visitors are well aware that I think there’s no greater entertainment value than minor league basketball, except for perhaps the public library. However, in all my years of attending contests in the NBDL, ABA, CBA, USBL and more recently, watching the New York Knicks, I have never experienced a close encounter with a player quite like what took place between the folks from German Media Village and onetime Clippers fixture Keith Closs at a Yakima Sun Kings / Butte Daredevils game.

“You’re my bitch,” Closs said. “You’re here paying tickets and part of that money is trickling into my pocket. In part, I’m pimping this whole crowd. I’m out here doing what I love, and you’re my bitch and helping me live my life. So you go ahead and think you’re big stuff there. You’re “Mr. VIP” (Editor’s note: Quote fingers were done around Mr. VIP. Those are by far the longest fingers to do quote fingers I have ever seen.)

Bowlhead was later revealed to not be a VIP after Closs, upon entering the game, tossed his towel to him with the quip, “Hold this for me, bitch.” Bowlhead threw the towel back onto the court, drawing the ire of security officials who asked to see his tickets. After going 1-for-2 from the field in a few inspired minutes, Closs found himself back on the bench for the second half. (“Coach wants to let the small guys play now. That’s how it is. I’m trying to spread a team formula around here.”)