A link at True Hoop earlier today brought attention to agent/author Keith Glass’ most recent musings regarding troubled NYC playground legend Lloyd Daniels (above).

I presumed, without taking a peak at the leak, that perhaps Glass had granted an interview about his experiences with Swee’ Pea. Or perhaps, he’d published another book.

As it turns out, I was right and wrong on both counts. Glass would like sell you a 10 page PDF trip-down-memory lane with he and the enigmatic Daniels. Though I’m sure it’s pure coincidence that Glass is charging for digital content the same day the New York Times took down their pay wall, I have no problem with this scheme. I mean, at least he’s not selling ad space to Vitamin Water.

Every now and then I have a sneaking suspicion that something might occur in the WNBA (other than, y’know, “Juwanna Mann”) that will make me regret ignoring the league. This incident probably wasn’t it, but it’s gonna happen, sooner or later.