Somebody down here knows that Mex is out to lunch when it comes to film history. That someone is Repoz, who writes,

“Watch as Keith Hernandez (above, left) misogamely flubs the name of the Graziano/Newman movie…wadda yutz.”

Q: Keith, can you give me a valid reason why Jeff Keppinger has not been given a chance to “audition” for the secondbase job? Matsui is gone, a Keppinger/Valentin combo sounds pretty good to me.
— Joe S., Florida

A: Remember that movie about Rocky Graziano starring Paul Newman called “Someone Up There Must Love Me”? Well, someone up there must not love Keppinger. The wrap on him is his defense. He needs to be traded to a club that likes his abilities and will give him a chance. I am not saying he is the next Jeff Kent, but he will die on the vine if he stays in this organization.