The CBC’s recent announcement that Jules Mancuso and Lena Sutherland would provide alternative commentary to the Stanley Cup Finals under the goof premise of “While Then Men Watch” was met with groans by male and female hockey fans alike, though the The Star’s Cathal Kelly suggests the finished product was even worse than projected. In the aftermath of LA’s 2-1 OT win over the Devils in Game One at the Prudential Center, Kelly writes, “After suffering through the abrasive and aggressively ill-informed commentary of Mancuso and Sutherland on , I can put that political pissing match to rest. This CBC live stream isn’t about men and women. This is about idiots and non-idiots.”

There was a black-and-white, pre-taped bit that showed Mancuso and Sutherland as hard-done-by ’50s housewives complaining about these hopped-up new CBC hosts, Mancuso and Sutherland.

Get it? (elbow in ribs) GET IT?

“Just doing my vacuuming and pregnant again,” says Sutherland

“Oh geez, I wish they’d come up with some kind of contraception,” says Mancuso.

“I wish I didn’t have to keep stroking his (comic beat) ego every time his team loses,” says Sutherland.

Somewhere in hell, Ralph Kramden is tapping his lawyer on the shoulder.

This sort of satire might have worked if the real thing was not identical to the lampoon.
They treated the build-up to puck drop as an extended opportunity to wallow in exactly how little they know about the game.

“Martin Brodeur is looking for his fourth Cup,” said their off-camera straight man, Sonny the Producer.

“That’s the old guy, right?” said Mancuso.

Yes. The old guy.