Though overboard coverage of the 5th Anniversary Of The Trage was hardly unexpected, I sincerely wish Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal had been given the day off.

The Yankees still play God Bless America during the seventh-inning stretch at every home game, acknowledging 9/11, acknowledging that the world has changed. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire actually complained about the delay caused by the song during the 2004 playoffs. But one thing about the song: Hearing it makes you remember. Makes you stop and think.

(freedom-hating atheist or just a music critic?)

Stop and think what, exactly? That perhaps there is no God…and if there was, He or She wouldn’t let us pay $8 for a warm beer at Yankee Stadium? That the individuals responsible for the 9/11 atttacks also believe they are blessed by God? Or that continuing to maintain that our culture, our way of life, is any more precious than that of others, is a rather surefire way to guarantee further bloodshed?

For some, the world most certainly has changed. The vast majority of Americans, however, have been merely inconvenienced.