The Boston Globe’s Shria “How Much Art Can You Take?” Springer writes that PG Kenny Anderson “just can’t figure out why no teams have expressed interest.”

“Sometimes I’m like, `Maybe I’ve played enough,’ ” said Anderson. “Then, there’s days when I work out and I want that team environment.

“I just need that opportunity. I’m in shape. I haven’t had any major injuries. I’m young, only 35. I didn’t want to retire at 34 or 35. I’ve still got that hunger. I want to be 100 percent sure that I can’t help a team when I finish, and I’m not there yet.

“I don’t know why I’m not getting a harder look. I think everybody knows I know how to run a team. I’m not going to be a cancer on a team. I’ve always been a good leader. Why doesn’t somebody say, `Hey, why not bring Kenny into camp?’ “

Even Derrick Coleman will vouch for Kenny’s work ethic.

Though The Association’s Craig Kwasniewski is no fan of the floppy Argentine, he’s duly impressed by Nike’s limited edition Ginobili Dunks.

They have clear powder blue soles and the inserts show a map from Argentina to San Antonio. So if you can stomach the Manu Ginobili era I suggest purchasing a pair.