(“hey, how does that compare to the Sony DXCP-9000?”)

From the Detroit Free Press’ Cecil Angel

Detroit Police are investigating a complaint from a man who says Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Kenny Rogers grabbed him by the collar during a confrontation in a parking structure near Comerica Park.

According to police, there are two versions as to what happened at the parking structure at Brush and Montcalm at 12:25 a.m. on Sunday.

In both versions, a 37-year-old man approaches Rogers asking him to give him an autograph and Rogers refuses.

The man becomes upset and begins cursing Rogers, then starts banging on his car. Rogers exits the car and confronts the man face to face.

Police are trying to determine what really happened next.

The man said that Rogers grabbed him by his collar but bystanders broke the pair up. However, a witness told police that Rogers and the man just argued but there was no physical contact.

As uncomfortable as I am defending the Tigers’ starter, this story lacks credibility. Surely no one on earth wants Kenny Rogers’ autograph.