Chicago resident Wayne L. Field has been charged with breaking and entering the home of White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams (above), stealing a few items and, well, hanging out. For a while.  From NBC Chicago :

Field apparently made himself at home. Police found him wearing Williams’ clothes and the GM’s 2005 World Series ring. He also apparently defrosted a lobster.

This incident occurred between Nov. 18 and 21 while Williams was out of town, police said.

Williams confirmed the incident and said the man drank his beer, ate frozen pizza, surfed the internet and kicked his shoes off on the bed.

During the burglary, Field left behind a hospital bracelet with his name on it, police said.  Field returned some time later and was seen peeking into the home.

Officers spotted him wearing Williams’ clothes and arrested him.

There’s no truth to the rumor during Field’s time on Williams’ computer, he managed to make this image Kenny’s new screen saver.