While the Daily News’ duo of Mark Feisand and Bill Madden report Theo Epstein is making a considerable effort to acquire Roy Halladay from Toronto, NY Post competitor Kevin Kernan (above) remains unimpressed with a Boston’s postseason success this past decade, ranking the Red Sox at no. 10 in his Top 11 Overrated Teams (“Model franchise for stat geeks, authors, wannabe sportswriters and front office people, but it seems they can™t win a World Series without Manny over the past kajillion years”)

They have only two championships over the last billion years, and both came with Manny on the team. They™ve gone nowhere since he left, yet through the ages, trillions of books and postings and articles and twitters and Bill James™ ravings have been written about the brilliance of the Red Sox. It was a beefed up Manny that made the difference for that team that finally enabled them to win some championships. Without Manny they would have missed out.

Kernan’s a busy guy and it’s the day before a holiday, so he can’t really be expected to ponder how well the Yankees would’ve fared in the PED era had they been been denied the services of Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Alex Rodriguez, and uh, Jose Canseco.  The Bombers get a pass for Giambi, though ; they never won a World Series with Mr. Comeback (From Something Or Other) Player Of The Year on their roster.