So what did newly ensconced Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin (shown above, all freaky and geeky) think was going to come of his repeated baiting of Florida’s Urban Meyer? In the words of Belly Of The Beast, Monte’s kin spent the offseason “poking a sleeping Kodiak bear who, in addition to razor sharp claws and teeth, is also armed with Tomahawk missiles, an arsenal of F5 tornados and a fire-breathing, giant dragon. And that™s just on offense.” On a weekend when Kiffin would do well to concentrate on making sure QB Jonathan Crompton isn’t beaten to death by his own teammates, he’s forced to turn down the rhetoric prior to Saturday’s clash with no. 1 ranked Florida,  an event that causes the Tennessean’s David Climer to remind us, “Meyer harbored no ill will against Kiffin™s predecessor, Phillip Fulmer. And he beat UT by a combined 63 points in the last two years with Fulmer on the opposing sideline. Meyer is an equal opportunity destroyer.”

Some of Kiffin™s more pointed comments were printed out and posted around the Florida football training facilities last spring. The Gators managed to maintain focus on opening opponents Charleston Southern and Troy long enough to win by a combined 118-9. Now they have switched their full attention to UT.

It probably is not in UT™s best interest that Florida superstar quarterback Tim Tebow enters the game harboring a grudge. He is still unhappy about Kiffin™s suggestion that Meyer cheated in the recruitment of prospect Nu™Keese Richardson last winter.

If this were a spelling bee, Florida would try to run it up. In the SEC, you take no prisoners.

Although he is conceding nothing, Kiffin has spent the last few days telling everybody how great Florida is. He makes it sound like UT is going into a sword fight with a butter knife.

œI would think they™re maybe the most talented defense to ever play and maybe the best quarterback to ever play college football, he said.