Jennifer from Soft Hands probably meant to send the following to Deadspin, but you know how the interweb can be. Things get redirected by fate sometimes.

Here’s a tidbit on Gary Sheffield, found it on a messageboard devoted to stalking, admiring, whatever Jeter:

from a poster called Turn2Baby:

“[quoted from another poster]’For all of Gary’s family talk there are plenty of whispers about him and Marvett Britto.’

GIrl!!!!! I didnt think anyone knew about that. Marvett has banged half her client roster and NOT just the men, if you know what I am saying! But that’s a whole different topic all together.

Yeah, Gary and Marvett got DOWN! I know someone who worked for her and now those are some stories! If her office walls could talk!…”

Of course, “got DOWN” could mean all sorts of things. Dancing. A civil defense drill, perhaps. I’m tired of seeing the most feared player in the Yankee lineup continuously smeared by those who evny his bat speed, personal chef, loving relationship with a woman who couldn’t spell R. Kelly if you spotted her the Kelly…and cute little mustache (thanks, hstencil).