The Bergen Record’s Bob Klapisch writes the Yankees are concerned about the expanding size of Robinson Cano’s waistline.

The second baseman was noticeably heavier — 10 pounds, by Cano’s own admission — but he says it’s all muscle, no fat, with no reason for the Yankees to worry about the ghost of David Wells.

But not everyone is convinced. One veteran wondered out loud whether Cano’s weight gain was “closer to 20 [pounds].” And Derek Jeter already has spoken to his 23-year-old double play partner about the dangers of embracing stardom too soon.

there’s no mistaking how much bulkier he looks, especially in the trunk area. One scout who’s been watching the Yankees recently said: “I wouldn’t call Cano fat, but he’s going to be slower than last year, and he was slow to begin with.

“If he’s going in this direction at his age, what’s he going to look like at 28?”

Cano says he appears thicker after lifting weights this winter, but admits not playing winter ball (at the Yankees’ insistence) contributed to an otherwise sedentary off-season,.

Of course, any major-leaguer can stay in shape between November and January, with or without baseball. Indeed, there were Yankees who urged Cano to do just that; at least one veteran offered to personally train the second baseman, only to learn Cano was busy “flying here and there, doing card shows,” the Yankee said.

Indeed, until you’ve subsisted on the vast array of vending machine snacks available at most card shows, you have no idea what stardom is really about. Fuck you and your China Club, Derek. Me and my pal Robinson have some some cards to sign at the Meadowlands Hilton.

Well, he’ll be signing the cards. I’m just getting change for the vending machine.

Randy Johnson allowed 3 earned runs in 3 innings today, 2 of ’em coming on a Juan Encarnacion HR in the first inning, as the Reds defeated the Yankees, 4-1. New York is 0-3 thus far in the preseason, and I think the time has come for 3rd base coach Larry Bowa to receive some sort of vote of confidence.

Though ownership has yet to assure us that Larry isn’t on the hot seat, the Yankees are, however, rather quick to disassociate themselves from the World Baseball Classic. Because after all, what could be more important that preserving the sanctity of spring training exhibition games?