(image taken from Sunday’s News Of The World)

After a 40th minute gaffe by England keeper Rob Green gifted the U.S. a 1-1 draw earlier today, it makes perfect sense that Green’s placed in Fabio Capello’s XI would be under fire.  However, short of advocating Green’s replacement with Giles Gratton, could there be a more inappropriate choice, given the nature of the error, than David James?  From TrueBlueArmy.com :

Pompey fans are leading the calls for David James to be given back the England keeper™s jersey after Robert Green™s horrendous blunder let two points slip in their opening game against the USA.

There are some doubts that James is 100 per cent fit but even an unfit James would have saved Clint Dempsey™s straightforward shot that somehow slipped through Green™s grasp just before the break.

Yeah. Because James has never screwed anything up on a big stage. That’s why his nickname is “The Incredibly Dependable James”. If you type his name into a popular search engine, there’s no chance you’ll find carefully edited video compilations of his various boners over the years. What else might the editors of this Portsmouth fan site like to propose? Fran Healy to return to Mets telecasts? Charles Smith to tutor David Lee on his moves in the post? Moving Jay Leno back to 11pm? There oughta be just as much public outcry for any of the above as a scheme that would once again render David James the England no. 1.