In news slightly less shocking than learning someone had to be bribed to play Good Charlotte, The NY Times’ Howard Beck is reporting that Larry Brown — less than two weeks removed from his Detroit divorce — will become the new head coach of the New York Knicks.

Apparently, the chance to use his considerable abilities to revive the Knicks was too tempting to pass up. Brown, 64, has accepted in principle the Knicks’ offer to become their 22nd head coach.

Negotiations could be completed today. Barring any unforeseen snags, the team is expected to make an announcement by tomorrow.

“He’s made his decision that he wants to coach the Knicks,” Brown’s agent, Joe Glass, said yesterday by telephone. “Now it’s up to the Knicks and myself to come up with an arrangement that works for both parties.”

Glass declined to characterize the talks, but he sounded optimistic that an agreement would be reached before long. On a scale of 1 to 10, Glass said, Brown’s chances of joining the Knicks rated an 8.

Parameters of the contract are unknown, but Brown is expected to earn $10 million to $12 million annually for three to five years.

Now the Knicks have almost as many head coaches on the payroll as they do guards. But full credit to Brown and Glass, who parlayed an embarrassment like negotiating with Cleveland while the Pistons were still in the playoffs into a sizeable raise. And if this means Stephon Marbury’s days at MSG are numbered, keep in mind that each team he departed became a playoff contender soon afterwards.