Did I really hear Tommy Heinson yell, “I’m gonna get me some cider!” when Walter McCarty drained a three pointer? Did I really watch Jamal Crawford flail his arms like a man drowning when Mark Blount drove past him? And did the Knicks really let the Celtics run about 15 second off the clock, the former training by 4 with half a minute left?

(as long as he’s playing against Jamal Crawford, Ricky Davis will never be the most irresponsible guy on the floor)

Through the magic of Tivo, I can confirm that all 3 events occurred, and that once again, terrible shot selection and non-existent defense combined to sink New York, this time against a younger division rival showing signs of life.

Was anyone else surprised that the Celtics organization chose not to honor Vin Baker with a pregame video tribute of some sort?

After watching Richard Jefferson’s ridiculous alley-oop buzzer beater to sink the Cavs, I can only hope Paul Silas faces plenty of tough questions (in Chinese) about how the Nets’ forward managed to get free.

I am equally hopeful that Ian Eagle never has to call the finale of a really big Nets win, or something on the level of a Hidenburg disaster for that matter. There are broadcasters like Eagle, seemingly on the brink of orgasm from the opening tip-off, and others, like Tommy Heinson, who needs at least 3 quarters to develop a thirst. Both make this correspondent equally grateful for the innovation known as the mute button.