Perhaps encouraged by the recent success younger brother Richie is having as interim coach of the Red Bulls, former Knicks head coach / current assistant Herb Williams remains the ultimate loyal employee, writes the New York Post’s Marc Berman.

One year ago, Williams was days away from being rehired as Knicks head coach before Brown was booted by the Pistons and hired by the Knicks. At his introductory press conference, Brown declared Williams was his heir apparent. But with Brown gone, desperate owner James Dolan turned to Knicks president Isiah Thomas instead.

“One thing about the NBA, you never can predict what will happen year to year,” Williams said. “It would have been nice [getting promoted], but things didn’t work out that way and I will do everything as an assistant to help Isiah win.”

Williams took another slight when Thomas had his Chicago childhood buddy Mark Aguirre be the head coach of the summer-league team in Las Vegas

“I don’t think it made a big difference,” Williams said. “I had my input.”

Thomas told The Post in Vegas he will not have a top assistant. It’s a hodgepodge staff that will include Brown leftovers Dave Hanners (being courted by Denver) and Phil Ford. Brendan Suhr has moved back to the bench from the front office, joining Aguirre. Suhr and Aguirre once fought over a front-row seat two years ago.

“If everybody wants to win, everybody has the same mindset, it won’t be a problem,” Williams said. “If guys have a set agenda, maybe there’ll be problems. The coaching staff has to keep together.”

The Kings seem to be on the brink of securing a new downtown arena in Sacramento. Though I realize corporate naming rights are all the rage and too lucrative to pass up, is it asking so much that they consider dubbing the venue “The House Ralph Sampson Didn’t Build”?

From the Say It Ain’t So Dept, Shawn Kemp was arrested in Houston early Friday morning and charged with marijuana possession. I’m sure the Amazon gift certificates were nice and all, but sometimes you just have to get yourself something for Father’s Day. Or so I’ve heard.

reports that Ron Artest (above) will be the support act on the following Fat Joe European tour dates :

July 28: Lisbon, Portugal. Torre de Moncorvo Carvisaic Festival
July 29: Gollhofen, Germany, Diva Palace
July 30: Paris, France, Elysee Montmartre
July 31: Zurich, Switzerland, Volkshaus
August 1: Amsterdam, Netherlands, Paradiso
August 3: Munich, Germany, Crowns Club
August 4: Braunschweig, Germany, Jolly Joker
August 5: Chemnitz, Germany, Splash Festival
August 6: Lausanne, Switzerland, Cult Club
August 7: Copenhagen, Denmark, Vega
August 8: Oslo, Norway, Rockefeller Venue

The Tru Warier’s new album, ‘My World’, drops on October 24. So, look out below!