Hey, in Toni’s day, Scottie Pippen was so unselfish, he’d take himself out of a game in the final seconds rather than risk the ball mistakenly coming his way! From SBR Forum.com :

“The NBA is a league of selfish people and it is no longer a part of my life,” Toni Kukoc said in the Jutarnji list newspaper. “Last year, I watched just three games of the Chicago Bulls.

“I hardly ever go to the United Center because there’s little to see. It irritates me to see the poorness of the game of today and the lack of intelligence on the court.”

Kukoc claimed that players are putting themselves before their teams and, by doing so, are sacrificing their chance of glory.

“There are too many selfish players in basketball nowadays,” he said. “I could also have scored 30 points per game but, how many titles would I have won playing with that style?”

Fifteen years ago, a more collective basketball was played,” Kukoc said. “Today, the players believe themselves to be very smart when they say ‘give me the ball to prove to you what I can do.’

“The last team was that of the Detroit Pistons. Afterwards, everyone wanted to imitate Michael Jordan.”