ESPN Radio’s Eric Kuselias is a frequent object of ridicule around these parts, deservedly so for his knee jerk analysis of professional basketball, if not his excruciating chats with Barry Melrose (NHL fans in the year 2006 are just dying to know who Mr. Mullet ranks higher, Greztky or Lemiuex).

That said, it should be acknowledged that Kuselias pays more than passing attention to the NFL, and as such, has an informed opinion or two. On Tuesday, filling in for Dan Patrick, Kuselias reminded his dozen or so listeners that weren’t watching TV, that the last team to select a running back at number one and win a championship was Green Bay with Paul Hornung (above). That was in the 1957 draft.

While not denying that USC’s Reggie Bush is a singular talent, Kuselias stressed that if the Houston Texans’ pourous offensive line couldn’t protect David Carr, it was pretty hard to imagine them opening holes for Bush.

Much as it pains me to admit it, he’s right. Reggie Bush could be a huge difference maker for a team that has other parts in place (a strong OL in particular). But it’s a massive stretch to project Houston winning 9 games with Bush at RB.