(l-r, Misty and Steve, Misty, and a guy who seems way to happy to have his mug shot in the paper)

Upon learning of the latest woes to behalf the pregnant wife of Steve McMichael (as if being impregnated by Mongo wasn’t enough), Hot Shit College Student asked, “When is Whitlock going to demand that the CD player be searched for hip hop?”

From the Lake County News’ Nicholas Alajakis.

Misty McMichael, wife of longtime Bear Steve McMichael, was arrested by Lincolnshire police Friday afternoon, following a traffic stop near Milwaukee Avenue and Half Day Road.

Misty, 36, of 4200 block of North Marine Drive in Chicago was speeding in the area when her 2003 Cadillac was stopped, said Lincolnshire investigator John-Erik Anderson. Her exact speed was not listed on a Lincolnshire police report, but she was going more than 20 mph over the posted speed limit of 35 mph, Anderson added.

Inside the car police smelled marijuana, and following a search of the vehicle, they found a small amount of pot belonging to her and her passenger, 40-year-old John Zomot, of Chicago, Anderson said.

Police also found a loaded .45-caliber handgun in the trunk, belonging to McMichael. She did not have a FOID card for the gun, Anderson said.