Texas Tech men’s basketball coach Billy Gillispie was hospitalized earlier today, just after reports surfed a number of his former Red Raiders players — since transferred — have accused him of violating NCAA rules governing practices.   Some of the charges against Gillespie, as reported by CBS Sports’ Jeff Goodman, have vague echoes of accusations against Rich Rodriguez or Mike Leach, so full credit to Gillispie for making both of those educators seem downright reasonable by comparison.

“We practiced two hours, then he told us to leave and go shave because he didn’t like the way we looked,” said Kevin Wagner, who is now at McClellan Junior College. “Then we came back, practiced two more hours before he told us to get a haircut. Then we came back and did about four more before he kicked us out.”

Another ex-player, who did not wish to be identified, estimated the entire November practice lasted a total of 10 hours.

“We used to go more than four hours all the time,” added Nash, who transferred to North Dakota after last season. “I remember that day when we went almost all day. We didn’t leave until 9 p.m. or so. It was pretty bad. A lot of guys were really hurt after it. One guy had a stress fracture in both legs.”

“If you were hurt, he told you that you had to stay in the training room all day — from 6 or 7 in the morning until 10 at night,” Wagner said. “Stay in there and get treatment over and over and over. We couldn’t leave. My mom had to come and bring me food.”

Both players also said that it was commonplace for Gillispie to hold two hour, full-speed practice only hours prior to games. “Guys were worn out and sleeping by the time the games started,” said Nash.