After the latest incident concerning the behavior of Mariners veteran Milton Bradley, the tempestuous outfielder has asked the organization for support dealing with unspecified personal issues. The M’s carefully worded thoughts on the matter were released to the public shortly after Bradley made a speaking engagement at a local elementary school, leading the Seattle Times’ Jerry Brewer to dub him “deeply troubled”, and conversely, “even more serious, meaningful and complex.”

Bradley has received help before. Five years ago, he decided to go through anger-management counseling, and the Los Angeles Dodgers expressed hope that he would get better and be a consistent standout.

“I think Milton Bradley has made a huge step today, accepting the fact that he can reach his potential as a human being by seeking help,” Dodgers owner Frank McCourt said back then. “Milton came to the conclusion on his own. It’s a courageous decision, and I support it wholeheartedly.”

But after a few months, Bradley started losing it again.

He needs prolonged medical care to get over his mental issues. There’s a good person trapped inside an introverted man who can explode at any minute. He’s not a cancer. He’s not a malcontent. He just can’t control himself.

“I’ve played for eight teams, but this is finally the best stop I’ve had,” he said of Seattle.

A few minutes later, he stopped himself from crying and said, “I kind of get a little emotional right now.” It wasn’t a ploy. This was genuine ” and poignant. Every adult in the attendance ” teachers, school administrators, media, Ichiro, Wakamatsu, Mike Sweeney, Ken Griffey Jr. and other Mariners employees ” knew Bradley was lost in the moment.