The New York Times’ Mark Fuechs on Broadway’s longest running pissing match.

Before Saturday night’s game at Milwaukee ” a game the Knicks actually won, 103-98 ” Marbury told reporters that even though the team was deep into the season, it still seemed confused on the court. The implication was that Brown had been unable to make the players understand his system, at least in part because he has rotated so many players in and out of the lineup.

Brown answered back Monday by being dismissive of Marbury’s comments, although he never mentioned his point guard by name.

“I don’t react to what he says,” Brown said, referring to Marbury. He then responded to what Marbury had said and, at one point, suggested that players who did not want to put the team first “ought to run track, play golf, play tennis ” things like that.”

The Orlando Sentinel’s Brian Schmitz floats the possibility of Shaquille O’Neal and Grant Hill pooling their resources to someday purchase the Magic. If such a transaction came off, JD & The Sureshot might lose their status as the worst recording act of all-time led by an NBA owner.