How does Tommy feel about Thierry Henry scoring a hat trick against Italy in a World Cup final? Hopefully, some enterprising journalist with a DAT recorder will find out tomorrow night. Until then, you’ll have to settle for the following from the AP’s Roland Blum :

For a few hours, Tommy Lasorda will not bleed Dodger blue. On Sunday, for a few hours at least, his blood will run Azzuri.

The former Los Angeles Dodgers manager rooted at first for the United States in the World Cup. But once the Americans were knocked out in the first round, he threw his support to Italy, the land of his father. And Lasorda will be sure to be in front of a television Sunday when Italy plays France in the final, seeking its fourth World Cup title and first since 1982.

“Sunday night they’ll be dancing in the streets of Rome,” he said Thursday from Jacksonville, Fla., where he was scouting Dodgers’ minor leaguers. “All over Italy, they’ll be dancing the Tarantella and they’re going to be drinking the wine and they’re going to be eating the bread and they’re going to be busting all over with pasta. It’s going to be a big day.”

In the Philadelphia Phillies clubhouse, Sal Fasano gave teammate David Dellucci an Italian practice shirt and beanie.

“This is the first time I’ve watched any part of the World Cup. It’s really been an entertaining tournament. The whole club has gotten into watching the games,” Dellucci said. “Of course, I’m rooting for Italy. Everyone in the clubhouse seems to be picking Italy except for Bobby (Abreu). Bobby knows all the players and teams and is really up on the sport. That has me worried about Italy a little bit.”