(I think we can safely state YouTube user “bobmortock” is not nearly as fond of League Pass as your editor or the author of the Yahoo Sports item excerpted below)

The NBA announced earlier today that League Pass, the satellite/cable package for a wide array of out-of-market games, would include mobile phone access as part of the subscription price for the lockout-abbreviated 2011-12 season. And that’s some slim consolation, considering this year’s subscription has actually increased in price, despite the cancellation of more than 300 games.  In what other industry could an (arguably) devalued product be flogged to the public with such callous disregard for, well, reality? Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelly Dwyer takes in this latest insult and declares, “this is a league that doesn’t care about its fans.”

Sure, David Stern sent off a letter (in PDF format; way to keep with the pulse of your readership, David) to fans last week that nobody read, but this hardly makes a ripple. Understanding what counts amongst your core fandom? That’s important. You have to understand what constitutes “the little things,” and then act accordingly. Raising League Pass prices, if only for a tenner, in a “season” like this? Are you mad?

Well, yeah. Mad with power. Absolutely drunk with it. And apparently, when he’s drinking, David Stern is a mean, thoughtless drunk. And apparently he’s been on a bender for the better part of the year.

You had one chance to slightly reward your loyal fandom, NBA. One chance to cut them a small break, just enough to buy the beer, chips, and energy drinks needed to make it through what is going to be a fantastic, League Pass-addled, December 26th. You can poorly run an NBA team in New Orleans from half a country away, and keep an entire league on hold for five months, but you can’t cater even symbolically to those who champion your product by getting together with your various partners and cutting these fans a break?