So I’m to understand something or other happened with Mariah Carey on a New Year’s Eve TV show that was considered too lame to bother with, I dunno, 40 years ago. Though this seemed to fill the night’s outrage / cheap laffs quota for the same types that take to social media to protest SNL’s choice of musical guests, consider how easily a similar debacle could’ve befallen one of the many pop icons who perished in 2016, most of whom were no strangers to such faux performances.

Instead, let’s once again rejoice in the annual reposting of a far more spectacular lip-synch disaster, Genocide and the late Bobby Ebz on “The Uncle Floyd Show”. Ebz joined the pantheon of other great Uncle Floyd musical guests (Rupert Holmes, Pussy Galore, Tiny Tim, Adrenalin O.D.) with the exhibition below, one that Floyd Vivino himself will undoubtedly have pulled from YouTube (again) in a fit of Greg Ginn-esque pique.

(UPDATE : Apparently this footage is not from The Uncle Floyd show, thus it would be particularly rude for Floyd to have it taken down again in a fit of Greg Ginn-esque pique.)