…if the UFL ever holds a 2nd draft.  While ESPN’s Todd McShay has already declared Oregon  RB LeGarette Blount “undraftable” after last-night’s nationally televised sucker punch of Boise State trash talker Byron Hout, the LA Times’ Chris Dufresne questions the decision making of debutante Ducks coach Chip Kelly.

Blount deserves a multi-game suspension and expulsion might even be warranted, but Hout should also have to sit at least one game for provocation.

You could also question why Blount, who finished with minus five yards rushing, was even in the game and in the area of the Boise bench when the final whistle sounded.

Bad as he acted, filing criminal charges against Blount would be a stretch. This was the heat of battle, he was provoked, and Boise State fans didn’t endear themselves by dropping what appeared to be F-bombs on Blount as he was being escorted off the field.

The irony here is Thursday’s game began with a ceremonial handshake of players to promote good sportsmanship.

If that was sportsmanship, wouldn’t you hate to see bad behavior?