As you’ve probably heard, Al Leiter will soon be working Yankees telecasts on the YES Network alongside Michael Kay. The New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman happened to catch Al during a bad afternoon…one spent watching the YES Network.

From his home in Florida, Al Leiter was on the other end of the telephone. Multi-tasking, the recently retired pitcher had his ears on my brilliant inquiries and his eye on Chris (Mad Dog) Russo, who was being beamed south via satellite.

This was the same Doggie who Mr.Leiter, in September 2004, called a “jackass.”

Also, while critiquing the quality of Russo and his partner’s (Mike Francesa) baseball analysis, Leiter once said: “They are talking a bunch of garbage.”

“I will never be overly critical. You can get your point across, explain why the guy failed, without lambasting him,” Leiter said. “As we speak I’m watching Chris Russo. I don’t know if he ever played Little League.

“Guys like him can cream you because they’ve never been there. When you have been there, when you have played, you are going to be a lot more reserved and respectful of those on stage than someone who makes his living by watching.”