Or more to the point, the woes of Jim Leyritz’ ex-wife, Karrie, continue, as she was allegedly assualted by her ex-husband, the former Yankee postseason hero facing trial on charges of DUI manslaughter.  From the Sun-Sentinel’s Tonya Alanez and Alexia Campbell :

Leyritz is accused of dragging his ex-wife out of bed and pushing her to the floor because she wrote a check without his permission, police say. Broward County Judge John Hurley set bail at $1,000 for that offense, but another judge revoked Leyritz’s bond in a DUI manslaughter case stemming from a fatal 2007 crash.

His lawyer on the DUI case, David Bogenschutz, said he will ask Broward Circuit Judge Marc Gold as early as possible next week to reconsider keeping Leyritz in jail. Bogenschutz said he will argue it has not been established that Leyritz violated the terms of his pretrial release. “That’s the question: did he commit an offense, not that he was arrested for one,” Bogenschutz said.

In the domestic battery case, Leyritz said his ex-wife, Karrie Leyritz, hurt herself to get back at him — all because he wants to evict her from the house they share in the 9800 block of Ridge Trace.

“That’s ridiculous,” Karrie Leyritz said today. “Now all of a sudden I’m lying?”

Karrie Leyritz called police from a neighbor’s house where she fled after the alleged argument, a police report said.

Police found streaks of blood on a wall at the Leytriz home, according to the report.

But police said in the report that the victim gave two “totally different” accounts of what happened.

First, she said she argued with her ex-husband in the foyer, then he hit her and pushed her to the ground.

Later, she said he dragged her out of bed and rammed her against the bedroom wall, the report said.

Karrie Leyritz denies giving two different versions of the story and says she was “misunderstood.”

Police woke up their three children, who apparently slept through the incident.

The two children they spoke to didn’t hear anything strange early this morning, the report said. One child said he heard his parents argue earlier that evening, but that his mother was drunk and likely hit herself.

Karrie Leyritz said she’s not surprised her son told police she made it all up. “He’s constantly hearing his father bad-mouth me,” she said. “I can’t control what my ex-husband says.”

In May, Jim described hanging around the house with his ex wife and new girlfriend as “my Jerry Springer moment”. Perhaps he spoke too soon?