From the AP :

Detroit Pistons guard Lindsey Hunter was suspended 10 games without pay by the NBA on Wednesday after testing positive for phentermine, a banned substance primarily used for weight loss.

“I’m as shocked as anyone,” Hunter said after arriving at the Palace on Wednesday. “It was a diet pill ” we’ve all taken stuff and nothing ever happens.”

Hunter said the pill was prescribed for his wife Ivy.

“We do that at our house – if I’ve got a head cold, I might grab one of her pills,” he said. “It was just a bonehead mistake on my part.”

Phentermine is listed as a steroid or performance-enhancing drug under the league’s Anti-Drug program and brings an automatic 10-game penalty for a first positive test.

“It’s the league rule, and I have to abide by it,” he said. “I just hope people don’t think I’m out smoking marijuana.”

And besides, you can only use the old “I was holding the stuff for Laimbeer” excuse so many times.