Wednesday’s sacking of Detroit offensive coordinator Mike Martz
might well rid the previously pass-happy Lions of a certain amount of “mental stress”, but the Free Press’ Michael Rosenberg would still ask GM Matt Millen (above), “Why is everybody in this organization supposed to be accountable except you?”

Martz failed in Detroit. He spoke glowingly of Jon Kitna but never coaxed a Pro Bowl performance out of him. He crowed about the upgraded offensive line but did not trust it with a running game. He asked for Calvin Johnson in the draft but did not use him enough.

And what likely sealed Martz™s fate was this: Head coach Rod Marinelli wanted a balanced attack, and Martz wanted to throw the ball twice on every down. Martz, who is stubborn and in love with his passing plays, refused to tweak his approach to please Marinelli.

So Martz is gone. Fine. Happens all the time in the NFL.

And if the Lions lose 10 games next season, which they could easily do, Marinelli might be gone, too. Also fine. NFL head coaches who put together three straight losing seasons get fired.

But what about Millen? He hired Marinelli. He hired Martz. He hired Steve Mariucci and Marty Mornhinweg. He assembled almost the entire roster, which had to overachieve this year just to go 7-9.

If Ford put the names of the personnel directors from the other 31 NFL teams on a dart board, and hired the first name he hit with a dart, he would do better than Matt Millen.

That™s not even a joke. It™s reality. The other personnel directors are professionals, trained to run teams. Some are more competent than others, but at least this is what they do. Millen is a former player and a broadcaster who has no clue how to build a team.

Millen has done what nobody thought was possible: He has damaged the reputation of the worst owner in the NFL.