Between the story below and Milton Bradley’s ill advised attempts to “introduce himself” to the Royals TV crew, one thing has become perfectly clear : Bob Raissman oughta be looking over his shoulder. From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Joe Christensen :

The Cleveland Indians dismantled Livan Hernandez and the Twins 12-2 on Thursday night at Progressive Field, and afterward, emotions were still running high.

Livan Hernandez issued a public apology to the Twins for his recent struggles and then began to rant about the commentary on Cleveland’s TV broadcast.

Hernandez said he went to the clubhouse after his outing and watching the local telecast, which includes play-by-play man Matt Underwood and color commentator Rick Manning.

Hernandez didn’t know their names and didn’t specify which one upset him. He said a teammate told him that one of the broadcasters had played against him for Cleveland in the 1997 World Series, when Hernandez was named Series MVP for the Florida Marlins.

That was incorrect information. Manning played 13 seasons in the major leagues, but his years with Cleveland were from 1975 to 1983. Underwood did not play in the majors.

“I come inside [the clubhouse] and the guy’s talking stuff on TV,” Hernandez said. “He knows better than that. He’s talking about the World Series and … it’s ridiculous. He’s talking bad about everybody.”

Hernandez, 33, said there was a comment about his age.

“You don’t know me,” Hernandez said. “You’ve got something to say, you’re jealous or something — when they come into Minnesota, I’m there in the locker room. If not, I can wait outside in the parking lot, and say something to me like a man.”

So there you have it, folks. We’ve got a new word for persons who launch personal attacks on professional athletes without ever having to confront those players face-to-face. They’re called bloggers play-by-play announcers.

OK, hands up everyone who thought Kyle Lohse would have a better won-loss record on June 14 than Johan Santana? The former allowed little damage besides a Pat Burrell two-run homer in St. Louis’ 3-2 victory today over Philadelphia.