(even an attempt by Terry Francona to deliver an Ox Baker-style heart punch to Matt Clement failed to rouse the hopelessly overmatched Boston starter)

White Sox 14, Red Sox 2

You-know-who is really straining himself this afternoon with an attempt at (hang on) “live blogging” the ESPN telecast. Because after all, only a spontaneous, free associative attempt at reminding everyone Chris Berman isn’t exactly Alister Cooke could be worth the time and energy. Unless of course, you’re so desperate for any content that you’ve got to shift through predictably profane posts at the Sons Of Sam Horn message board because none of your own 2 dozen readers have anything substantial to offer. Here’s my fave entry, though.

We™ll be live-blogging the Braves-Astros game tomorrow, starting at 4 p.m. ET. We have stuff we have to do around 7:15, though, so root for a quick game.

What’s the problem here? Is Gawker Media paying this guy so little that he doesn’t have internet access or a decent television set at home? Or perhaps he really does have something to do at 7:15.

Pedro Gomez was just on ESPN previewing tonight’s Yankees/Angels ALDS Game One. I must confess, I didn’t recognize Gomez as his legs weren’t sticking out of a dumpster behind Barry Bonds’ house.