Astros at Braves, NLDS Game One

Top Of The First :

Dear Canapes For Brains – It was Joe McIlvaine who was busted for sun-bathing nude, not Steve Phillips.

Top Of The Third :

“Morgan Ensberg singles in two runs, even though it™s Rosh Hashanah.”

Nice to see that in 2005, merely pointing out that a professional athlete is Jewish is considered giggle-city. Trouble is, Ensberg’s a Lutheran. And Rosh Hashanah ended yesterday.

(Bill Goldberg, considering a brief visit to the Gawker Media offices)

“Has anyone ever thought to do a Leo Mazzone bobblehead doll?”

Terrific question, Will. It was even funnier when someone else said it 3 years ago.

Top Of The Fourth :

(From the New York Observer) :

Further downtown, at the unfortunately monikered Happy Ending Bar, the even more balefully titled Growth Spurt Reading Series is hosted by a fellow named Will Leitch, who has a sports blog and has written a novel for young adults called Catch. œI didn™t realize my novel was ˜young adult™ until I finished it, he said. œThe publishing industry is really into labels”when you say ˜young adult,™ there™s this attitude of ˜Oh, that™s not a real book.™ Mr. Leitch got to talking with fellow writers about how œyoung adult could be about more than œmice driving motorcycles, and thus the Growth Spurt Reading Series was born.

I’m not sure which is more impressive, that Leitch not only knows how to read (and does so in public!) but also apparently has a sports blog.

Has anyone actually seen this sports blog? Because I can’t find it anywhere.

Bottom Of The Fourth :

This game is nearly 90 minutes old, and a site supposedly devoted to blowing the lid off steamy, sordid tales of Pro Athletes Going Wild is no closer to revealing what happened during a certain NL East Pitching Superstar’s Lost Weekend In NYC.

Top Of The Seventh :

Willy Tavares, according to Eric Karros, œlacks the ability to get the ball out of the infield. One would think that might be important.

Perhaps someone can mention at tonight’s Growth Spurt event (or the afterparty) that Willy Tavares had 70+ infield hits in 2005. Tavares’ low on base percentage and the fact that he strikes out 4 times as often as he walks is a far more glaring problem for the Astros. Then again, if actually watching a game is so momentous an occasion that it requires some hyped to the hills “live blogging”, such points must seem rather arcane.