(above  : a rare public photograph of Milton Bradley doing something other than seething)

Actually, I have no real inside information that either indie league franchise would be interested in helping The Ticking Time Bomb ™ attempt a career resurrection, but he’s nothing if not available.  Following yet another dispute with an umpire (and subsequent suspension) last week, Mariners OF Milton Bradley was designated for assignment earlier today, a move the Seattle Times’ Geoff Baker surely applauds, seeing as he was calling for it just a few hours ago.

The Mariners could choose to play this out for a few more weeks or months and risk more ejections and threats to their manager’s in-game flexibility because…because…why?

Bradley is done after this season in Seattle. The money has been spent. Nobody is going to win the Bradley-Carlos Silva trade. This team has taken some positive steps in recent weeks, but Bradley, because of his continued struggles, risks becoming an isolated distraction on a team looking to move forward.

Don’t let the .218 batting average fool you. It may be one of the better ones in this lineup but has been proped up in recent weeks by some fortunate hits. Two of Bradley’s “singles” yesterday were on slow bouncers and rollers.

You don’t need Bradley. Not for his on-field play. Not for his DH bat. Not fot his off-field issues.