Though with all due respect to the late Waylon Jennings, he might not have imagined a personals ad quite like this. From Craigslist :

Great, so you won the N.L. East. The celebration stops now because everyone knows they will lose to the Yankees in the World Series. Looking for a Mets fan slave to put in his place. Not a leather guy but go beyond vanilla depending on how much I feel like antagonizing a Mets fan that day.

You must be a knowledgeable baseball fan and understand that Reyes is not a new restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen.

6’1″ 170 masc lean worked out HIV- and always safe, not into drugs… 35 and under preferred. Looking for sometime soon, not tonight.

(left, knowledgable baseball fan)

I dunno, does “6’1″, 170” seem accurate to you?