What kind of rock must a New York resident be living under to be bereft of opinions regarding Knicks prez/coach Isiah Thomas? As defendant Thomas’ sexual harassment dispute with Anucha Browne-Snaders (above) hit the jury selection stage, the New York Times’ Harvey Aarton writes, “Lucky for the judge, the Knicks have been lousy, their television ratings could be mistaken for Court TV™s and there are people all over New York who wouldn™t know David Lee from David Lee Roth.”

œI™m not a sports fan at all, said Gretchen Haury from Chappaqua, N.Y., a mother of three. That sounded good enough for the judge, plaintiff and defense.

œI™m a Yankee fan, don™t follow basketball, said the 67-year-old Phillip Lief, a doctor from White Plains who was accepted without challenge from either side.

œI™m not a crazy sports fan, but I like to watch tennis, or golf, said Michelle Zelekowitz, 50, of Pleasantville, N.Y.

Have a seat in the jury box, Ms. Zelekowitz, and prepare for some no-holds-barred Madison Square Garden mud-slinging, James Dolan style.

œI don™t follow sports, said Irene Ray, 58, a receptionist from the Bronx, though she noted on her printed questionnaire that she had heard of one of the players scheduled to testify.

œI know Stephon Marbury got those $15 sneakers out, she said. œI think that™s great.

What about when Thomas was great? Where were all the hoop-heads who remembered him in those tight little blue Detroit Pistons shorts, weaving through traffic, all the way to the Hall of Fame?

Edward Watts, 43, a court officer from the Bronx, called himself a œNew York fan who watches games on TV, but only to a point.

œI don™t rush home at 7 o™clock, he said, turning to Thomas. œSorry, Isiah.

œI can speak freely? Tommy Vasquez, 37, a Bronx maintenance man, said when asked about Thomas. œHe™s a pretty good talent evaluator, but he™s not so good a G.M.

He got a laugh from everyone but Thomas, whose lawyers objected to Vasquez as a juror.