The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Jeff Kent (left), as questioned by Dirt Rider Magazine. Cover story and profile from Truck Washer Magazine, forthcoming. (link culled from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

What’s your riding season like when you have spring training starting this early and a professional baseball schedule that lasts so long?

Well, if we’re not in contention (for league championships) then I’m looking for October 1st. My bike’s already clean and ready to go. I ride from October to the middle of January, maybe February. I’ve got a motocross track, a half-supercross track and a cool 50 track at my ranch in Texas. So, me and the kids, we have a good time riding.

I’ve seen you stir up the press in LA about reading motocross magazines in the locker room. Any truth to that?

Yeah, I wear the motorcycle magazines out. I read you guys every month for six months.