After previously getting in hot water for racial slurs directed at Arsenal striker Thierry Henry, Spain manager Luis Aragones still doesn’t quite get it. From the Independent’s Paul Newman.

It may be only a friendly international, but when Luis Aragones is around you can guarantee that the sparks will fly. Spain’s veteran manager ­ who was at the centre of controversy last month when he made racist remarks about Thierry Henry ­ was at it again yesterday as he prepared fortonight’s match here against England.

When asked by English journalists about the Henry incident, in which he called the Arsenal striker a “black shit” while trying to motivate his club colleague Jose Antonio Reyes in a Spain training session, Aragones decided to remind his inquisitors of their country’s colonial past. “I know who is racist,” Aragones said. “I remember the colonies. There are people who ran after them like wolves after prey.”

Insisting that his conscience was clear, Aragones added: “My job has made me adapt to every city or area where I have lived. I have a lot of black friends.”

Although the Spanish federation formally apologised to Arsenal, Aragones has not made a personal apology to Henry. He explained: “I have not said anything to Thierry Henry and he knows what it is to motivate a person. Reyes spoke to him about what happened and I consider him as anyone such as Samuel Eto’o [Barcelona’s Cameroonian striker, who played under Aragones in Mallorca]. I don’t want to talk about that any more. We have common friends. I have apologised publicly.”