“After 11-3, I’m gone! Can we at least get a game with a little juice? Unless you’re a big Met fan, there’s no reason to watch.” – WFAN’s Chris Russo earlier this afternoon.

Russo might be surprised to learn that more than a handful of his Queens-based station’s listeners consider themselves to be big Mets fans.

There’s also the matter of WFAN being the Mets’ flagship, a fact that couldn’t possibly have escaped the Dog’s notice in his almost 19 years at the station.

Russo will be celebrating his 46th birthday this Wednesday. Short of a piggy-back ride from Barry Bonds, I can’t imagine a better gift than his seeing the Mets eliminated. And much like a more nasal Peter Billingsly, pining for a BB gun, I sincerely hope the Dog’s gratification is delayed.