EA Sports’ Madden ’09 will be sucking $60 from the wallets of at least a handful of CSTB readers/contributors/publishers this August, and the helpful, schilltastic folks at Game Stop have eagerly revealed just one of the game’s hot new features.

Gone are the days of just hoping your player will celebrate after a touchdown. Now you will be in control after a touchdown, and a simple push of the “celebrate” button will allow your player to spring into action. If that player happens to be known for his elaborate celebrations, then he’ll perform some of those that you’ve seen him do in real life. For example, a player like Terrell Owens has more than 10 of his familiar celebrations available.

Not only will unique players have unique celebrations, but different “Hot Spots” in the end zone will feature different celebrations, as well, like dunking over the goal post or hot-shotting in the corner of the end zone. Specific stadiums will even feature their own local celebrations. Can you say, “Lambeau Leap?” We’ve also been told that an extra “hidden” control will let you steal an opponent’s celebration so you can really rub it in. However, you’ll have to discover that one on your own.

Surely there’s a cheat code of some sort in which Joe Buck can express his outrage over a Randy Moss squat-thrust?