Writing that 2005’s Rafael Palmiero revelations “might have been just the tip of an enormous iceberg,”, the Baltimore Sun’s Rick Maese cringes over the disclosure of Oriole stars being named in the Jason Grimsley affidavit.

Not Miggy. Not Jay. Not B-Rob. These are the heroes. Their posters hang on bedroom walls. Their autographs decorate caps and cards.

Miguel Tejada , who we once compared with Cal Ripken Jr. Who was supposed to lead this franchise into a new era.

And Jay Gibbons , a fan favorite and clubhouse leader. An underdog who made Camden Yards his home when other teams didn’t want him.

And Brian Roberts , gritty, a hard worker. The kind of player your grandfather would’ve loved.

The 21st Century Oriole Way: Available with a fake prescription, delivered by a “trainer,” or snuck into the country.

When we talk about steroids, we hope that baseball roots out the “bad guys.” Go get Barry Bonds because he seems standoffish. And Jason Giambi because he looks like a comic-book character, not some- one you’d invite over for dinner.

This latest batch of names isn’t a group of cretins, monsters and purse-snatchers. These are the guys you identified with. The ones you half-expected to run into at the mall. Players who found their success through hard work, long hours and sheer determination. Right?