Tonight’s NFL preseason choices on Chez CSTB’s not-quite 102 inch plasma screen have been the Jets being squashed by the Bucs in glorious HD, and a slightly more competitive Pats/Falcons battle in good old Low-Def.

CBS’ frequent sideline shots of a crestfallen Eric Mangini had me wondering about the veracity of the new Jets coach’s resume. We’ve all bought the line about Mangini being the Patriots’ former defensive coordinator, how he’s a former Jets assistant, etc., but surely we’ve seen this good looking young man somewhere else before.

I don’t know how the entire NYC press corps missed this : between starring as David Spade’s torture victim “Chubsy” in Capital One’s commercials and his brilliant role as “Moose” in the Enterprise Rental Car spots, I’m blown away that the multitalented Mangini has also managed to rise so far in the NFL.