Not only did Archie Manning have to witness both of his sons losing playoff games two weekends in a row, but to really fuck up his January, he bothered to watch Fox’s post-game show.

From Newsday’s Arthur Staple.

After the news conference was over, the TV monitor he was watching flipped to the Fox studio. Archie Manning (above, center) didn’t like what he heard from his old quarterback counterpart, Terry Bradshaw, who criticized Peyton for saying that the Colts had “protection problems.”

Bradshaw saw that as a thinly veiled shot at the Colts’ offensive line, a comment not befitting a leader. Archie Manning saw Bradshaw’s comment as “a cheap shot.”

“I know Terry well, and this isn’t the first time,” said Manning, who was in New York to promote a credit card. “He’s taken shots at me, he takes a lot of shots — he seems to like to take shots at Peyton. He wore me out two years ago on Eli’s deal [forcing a draft-day trade to the Giants]. He wore me out.

“[Bradshaw] is not a bad guy. He’s in a high-profile spot there. Maybe that’s what he’s supposed to do up there, get after people. I don’t know. You just move on.”

“They took one segment of his press conference; I saw the whole thing,” Archie said. “They riddled him, just question after question. ‘Whose fault was this protection?’ He probably got sacked more than he ever has. Finally he said, ‘Yes, we had protection problems.’

“If you saw the game, well yes, they did. He didn’t say where the breakdown was or whose fault. So I thought that was a cheap shot. But again, that’s kind of the world we live in sports today.”