The Kansas City Star is reporting that 9-year NBA veteran Manute Bol, who received relatively scant recognition after his playing days for his activism and humanitarian efforts, has passed away at the age of 47 after a long bout with kidney failure.  Jerod Morris of Midwest Sports Fans paid tribute to the 7′ 7″ Sudanese center just a few weeks ago.

Manute Bol has seemingly always fought with every bit of his strength to make the Sudan a better place for the people that he left behind “ but certainly never forgot “ when he moved to the United States. In fact, Bol never really left the Sudan behind. He clearly carried the burden of his nation™s plight during every step along his path to the NBA and, much like Dikembe Mutombo after him, used his God-given height to play a game that would pay him well and afford him the opportunity to make a difference on a contient that so desperately needs difference makers.