No. 12 seed San Diego trails Western Kentucky, 39-27 at the half in St. Pete, and while the Toreros’ Rob Jones has 5 points so far, he also the subject of a feature in Sunday’s Tampa Tribune.

Said piece, however, is less about San Diego’s Cinderella run and mostly about the freshman forward pursuing his hoops dreams in the shadow of his grandfather’s gruesome legacy. “I wonder if they even know where that saying came from,” says Jones of the popular expression “drink the Kool-Aid”, and while the Tribune’s Joey Johnston does his best to summarize the murder/suicide of 900 people, I’m aware the average sportsblog reader has a relatively short attention span. So I’m gonna turn things over to the intense thespian chops of Powers Boothe :

OK, the segue halfway through is a tad clumsy, but at least you were spared any graphic violence.